Yokoso! ~ Welcome!

Our Story

Picture this.

It’s a Saturday night, you’re eleven years old, and it’s one minute until 8:30. You and your siblings come racing through the house to monopolize the front room television because your Toonami shows are about to start. You all spend the next hour and a half watching your favorite Saturday-night lineup of Zatch Bell, One Piece, and most importantly, Naruto in giddy, childish excitement.

This may not be your memory, but it’s the memory of many American children, and that feeling, that nostalgia, is what ultimately brought about Anime Cafe Sakura. 

You see, it’s that memory that had a 26 year-old woman, with an MSc, curled at the foot of her bed, watching The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix, when the thought occurred. “I want to go to an anime cafe! Where is the nearest one?” Turns out, that there weren’t any...at least not to the scale that she thought there would be.

You can imagine what came next.

Nia wanted to create a space, an atmosphere that anime lovers and enthusiasts alike could come and congregate in.A place where people could reminisce about how they grew up watching anime and get into heated debates about why Sakura was one of the worst characters in Naruto, or what anime fights or love scenes were the best, all while enjoying ridiculously delicious food.

A place that felt like a community for not only weebs, but for anyone interested in learning about anime culture.

That’s the dream.

Until that dream becomes a reality, Nia decided that the best way to reach that dream, and to move forward in the meantime, was to offer these boxes!

A box with genuine Japanese desserts and sweets, commonly seen in the anime we all love, and made from quality ingredients with as much love as Ichigo Amano does in Yumiero Patissiere!